Blog: My favorite things


  • My favorite thing during EPGY was.. Leaning new things.
  • What does a void function return?  Nothing.
  • What does an int function return? An int.
  • What is the difference between a function and a data type ( Function is a part of a class and a data type is how data is arranged.
  • What is the difference between a function and a class ( A class is a bunch of functions and other things put together.
  • What is the difference between a class and a data structure? A class is a part of the .jar file while a data structure is a bunch of the data in the .jar file.
  • What goes inside the curly braces? Functions or the body.
  • What does the And Gate (&&) do? It powers two things at ones.
  • What does the Or Gate (||) do? Only one will work at a time.Image
  • The best video games I played at camp were:
  • My favorite type of games are: Adventure

A diagram or drawing of how it worksA

  • A diagram or drawing of how it works
  • A description of what you are going to do. I am going to make a Lego fighter bot which has a bumper so it is a fighting bumper car thing!!
  • A reason for why it will be cool. It is cool because it will be strong and I will out sensors so it will be very smart..
  • A diagram, picture, or drawing of what the final product will look like
  • Projects must be one of the following:
    1. Processing: Art Project
    2. Processing: Game Project
    3. Lego: Robot Project
    4. Java: Objects and AlgorithmsImage

Blog: Robot Arm

  • What was wrong with the Robot Arm? It did not pick up and drop balls correctly.
  • What did you do to fix it? Fix the code to make it correct.
  • What did the Robot Arm do?  It went out of control and did not obey our commands 😦
  • What is the difference between when Eclipse uses a yellow line versus using a red line? Which one is an error and which one is a warning? Yellow line is a warning reminding you of an error which you could possibly make while the red line is telling you an error which you made.
  • What is the difference between a LOGIC error and a COMPILE error. Which type of errors did the Robot Arm have? Compile is when it fails to be compiled. A logic error is when the code has some errors with what you put so it is not what you want it to be.
  • Why do we use code libraries like the leJOS NXJ? So that eclipse understand that we are making a Lego nxt code for our robot.
  • What is gamification? The use of game theory to solve problems/questions.
  • How mad was Kevin, the mad scientist? Why was he mad? Because it was not mad correct and he made so many claws!!
  • mad.scientist

Blog: Building my Robot

  • my team is: Team 2
  • my team members are: Me, Riley and Raghav
  • my robot is named: Monster Car
  • my experience with building my robot was: Realy cool!
    • First we built the robot
    • Then we got the code from online
    • Then we created a new Java project called…
    • Then we added the Libraries
    • Then we converted the Project
    • Then we uploaded the code to the Robot
    • This is what the robot did: It ran around and never crashed!!


What is one way to start a new

  • What is one way to start a new programming project in Java? New java project. Then make a class file.
  • What is an API? So basically an Api is  programming instructions/standards for accessing a Web-based software.
  • What is a getter and a setter ( Getters and setters are fuctions used in object oriented programming.
  • What are the different languages for the Mindstorm NXT ( Robot C, Java.
  • What language will you be using to program your robot? Java.
  • What is a prototype? A sample/picture/plan/first model for making something.
  • Explain to someone how you swap 2 values in Java.
  • How does selection sort use 2 for-loops? One of them prints out the variables. The other one re-assigns the variables.
  • How do you print all the values from an array? By giving some points variables so we can print them off.
  • What is the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat?
  • Why is plagiarism bad? It is mean and dumb. You copy someone else hard work so you are a bad person + you can’t come up with anything original.
  • How do you avoid looking like you are stealing someone’s code? Give them credit 🙂
  • What are a few things you can do if you get really confused, lost, or stuck when trying to program? So many formatting errors.